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 John P. Schmitz

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Politics these days seem so divisive.  Many people feel disconnected.  How is government working to help citizens live out their lives to the best they can be?


It time to demand that elected officials work for you!

I am running for the Indiana House of Representatives in District 97 in order to get government working for you!  I want the government to serve people instead of the people serving the government.  How do I differ from those that have promised these grand ideas in the past?  


1.   I have worked in our community for over 30 years building and developing.  This experience has enabled me not only to build buildings, but build relationships with customers and people all around the city of Indianapolis.  I will bring that same successful experience to the Indiana House in order to ensure that legislature is created with YOUR best interest in mind. 


2.   My actions speak louder than words.  My wife Lisa & I started an Arts Center in an under served neighborhood (Mars Hill) and not only serve there, but live there.  It was important for us to live where we serve!  It is my goal to bring activities to each and every neighborhood that wishes to have them.  We must invest in our neighborhoods and give people interesting things to do.  We are heavily invested in helping others on many fronts and wish to expand our reach.  As a leader it is time to step up and get involved with policies in our legislature. 


3.   Integrity...integrity is something I believe has been overlooked by politicians.  Do what the party requests, not what is right for your constituents?  Do what will help your political career, not what is best?  These are common choices I have witnessed in politics today.  This is unacceptable!

Not only is integrity important; discerning the best plan of action is key to solving problems that need attention.  My ability to solve a problem is a strong suit that will enable me to develop the best strategy.  Listening to all voices is paramount in developing the best outcome.  


 Not only do I want your vote....I need your help on OUR campaign!  


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